The Story behind the Bar.

The courageous crew of the S.S. Okoboji was in Englewood, Florida
(A.K.A. Wrinklewood, Engleweird) drinking at Crabby George’s
when they stumbled upon the idea for the Captain’s Getaway.
It was a beautiful morning. The gulf air was extremely balmy and
the sun was cooking like a microwave on high. As Rick ordered
another round, a white bearded man with a briefcase entered through
the squeaky doors. The crew all turned their heads. This was unusual.
The old man propped his case on the bar and said, “I would like a
screwdriver, light on the o.j., and get these guys a drink on me.”
The crew thanked him for the drinks and began to question the old
man, who he was, where he was from, what he did. They couldn’t
believe it. The man was actually Ernest Hemingway, only the
greatest writer ever to live! They told him they were on their way
to Key West. “Great,” Ernest said. “Would you guys do me a favor
and deliver this case to Joe Russell at his bar in Key West…
Sloppy Joe’s?” “No problem,” they all replied. The S.S. Okoboji
was fueled up and ready to go on its eight hour trip to Key West.
The crew asked Captain Shorty permission to come aboard to do
the routine check before they left. Vodka? Check. Rum? Check.
Whiskey? Check. Beer? Check. Food? What? Anyway, after
everything checked out they were underway. They left Gasparilla
Sound and headed to the Gulf of Mexico. The seas on the gulf were
unusually calm and the sun was still cooking, making the crew very
thirsty. So of course they started drinking; beer and screwdrivers
first, then as the day went on whiskey waters and rum and cokes.
The heat even got to Captain Shorty so he had a cocktail, much
earlier in the day then usual. They had almost forgotten about the
briefcase when it slid out from under the seat as Captain Shorty
swerved to miss a crab trap. “Let’s open it,” Brad said to the other
crew members. After much contemplation (10 seconds worth),
Rick and the other crew members gave into their curiosity and
opened the case. In it was instructions for building the perfect
bar and restaurant in Key West. The name of the bar would be
“Captain’s Getaway”. Some of the instructions included having
excellent service, great seafood, the best live entertainment,
koozies, fun clothes, palm trees, etc. Since everyone in the crew
were all bar connoisseurs they were mesmerized by the unique
ideas contained in the instructions. They studied the instructions
for hours. During this time the drinking pace increased and pretty
soon one more turned into four more, and four more turned into
eight more, and eight more turned into twelve more, and so on.
Land was spotted so they knew they were close to Key West.
Captain Shorty called on the radio to set up accommodations at
the Galleon Marina. “Galleon Marina. Galleon Marina, this is the
S.S. Okoboji,” Captain Shorty called. No reply. “Galleon Marina,
Galleon Marina, this is the S.S. Okoboji,” he called again. This time
a voice called back, “Captain, the Galleon Marina is in Key West.
You are in the Dry Tortugas…” (Needless to say the crew and
Captain Shorty did finally make it back and with them they brought
the instructions for building Captain’s Getaway. It’s not Key West…
but we sure have fun pretending! Hope you do too!)